As R&B Fills The Air, Mexican Sweet Corn Pie Takes The Prize

July 20, 2021, by Natalie Kainz-Some came for the tunes, some came for the pies, and others just came for the vibes.That was the scene Monday evening as nearly 100 people gathered in Beecher Park behind Westville’s Mitchell branch library. They set up picnic mats and charcuterie spreads. at the second day of the Hi-Fi Pie Fest, which began last week with a berry pie baking competition. Thanks to more promising weather, this week’s edition included a resumption of live music and outdoor eating as well as the weekly pie-off.The eight varieties of savory pie made for this week’s baking face-off sold out within the hour, with returning champion Libby Abraham taking home the winning prize.Meanwhile, New Haven’s Manny James and his band performed a mix of soul and pop music for the Westville crowd..."

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