Out of This World

February 16, by Daniel Shkolnik - "In a Westville yard along the West River, various entities-a squid, a sea slug, a shell, a little-known piece of plant biology called an elaiosome-are scattered about. Some are complete. Others wait for their maker to finish endowing them with form and luster. They’re sculptures, and the man they’re waiting for is Gar Waterman, who’s been doing this kind of thing for 35 years now. Waterman’s body of work ranges from stone to bronze to glass to wood, and from large public works like the Wooster Street Arch to intricate metallic scarabs set to accompany a 2017 beetle exhibit at the Peabody Museum. Not one for artistic ideology, you can nonetheless see an aesthetic point of view in his work, which has a tendency to find its muses among the designs of nature-most of all its bones, beetles and seeds. Perhaps the largest subset of Waterman’s sculpture is his Feral Seeds series, inspired by seeds, naturally, but incorporating a healthy dose of abstraction. Some look fit for aerodynamic flight; others seem to be mid-sprout. Considering their size, with some over six feet long, it’s fun to imagine what giant trees they might have fallen from, or what enormous flora they might have become, were they real..."

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