December 18, 2015, The Daily Nutmeg, by Dan Mims - "Next to a sideways stack of records is a record player. It’s not the very old kind, but it’s still pretty old, but it’s newer than many of those records. An exception is the LP on the player’s platter: Sublime’s Sublime, whose 20-year-old tracks are much newer than the song drifting through the air: Marty Robbins’s “Big Iron,” released in 1959, which tells the tale of a handsome, quick-drawing ranger with a “big iron on his hip.” Streaming from the internet thanks to WiFi-enabled, cell phone-controlled, surround-sound speakers, the song harkens back to the Old West—or rather, how mid-20th-century Americans pictured it. Complicated layers of old and new—also, lots of picturing—have come together to create this scene inside Lotta Studio, a photography/post-production business at the corner of Whalley and Blake. Here, the working equipment is needfully up-to-date, servicing customers from local families looking for portraits to global brands looking for product shots or photo retouching, but most of the design elements, like a wood-trimmed floral armchair and a room divider made of vintage luggage, are charming anachronisms with special meaning to their owners. Some of them were plucked from an old family farm in Kansas, including a delicate reupholstered couch. Nearby, the rungs of a wooden ladder hold piles of artsy and retro coffee table books, plus that sideways stack of records..."

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