Kehler Liddell Decks The Walls

"Penrhyn Cook’s series of photographs, Holiday Reflections, are absorbing enough in their own right. Colorful and festive, the images are just askew enough to warrant a closer look. Are we looking at double exposures? What do we make of the giant fruit and a rainbow on a city block? In the context of Kehler Liddell Gallery’s annual holiday show — titled ​“Deck the Walls” and running at the Westville space through Dec. 24 — the title of Cook’s series earns itself a double twist, as the works of fellow gallery members on the opposite walls are reflected in the photos’ glassy surfaces. Images layer on images, an apt depiction of the show as a whole, in which all the gallery members play a part. Sean P. Gallagher’s series of studies of the foliage turning on trees — quite appropriate for New England, and for Westville in particular, thanks to West Rock Park — keeps the spark of fall alive as the days get shorter and colder. The images are also notable for being mounted a few inches off the wall. The shadows cast by the piece create the suggestion of tree trunks for the leaves in the frame to crown..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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