Chapel Haven, YCBA Join Forces To Fête "Our Neurodiverse Community"

May 3, 2022, By Lucy Gellman- "When John Orr looks at the nineteenth century painting The Rat Trap, he sees three kids who are up to no good. In the work by British painter Edmund Bristow, a young boy points a stick at two friends, each of whom holds a small, furry animal. Between the boy’s feet, a rat stares out from the aforementioned trap, its pink paws visible. It reminds Orr of the days he spent watching three modern mischief makers—the Three Stooges Larry, Curly, and Moe—as a kid growing up in New York. Orr is an artist, mentor, and affiliate of Chapel Haven Schleifer Center (CHSC), the Westville-based program teaching independent living skills to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Sunday, he joined friends, family members, and fellow Chapel Haven classmates for In Celebration of Our Neurodiverse Community, a two-week exhibition at the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA). The exhibition turns Chapel Haven students into curators. Participants have picked paintings from the YCBA's vast collection, and written new wall labels with their personal reflections to the work. All of those works and wall labels are now displayed in the fourth-floor collections seminar room..." Click HERE to comment and read full article. Photos by Lucy Gellman.

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