April 8, 2015, The Daily Nutmeg, by Cara McDonough - "On one Westville menu, Turkey Sausage costs $4,600. Pasta Primavera goes for $4,800.That’s because they’re paintings, part of Frank Bruckmann’s Breaking Bread. On display at Westville’s Kehler Liddell Gallery through April 26, the exhibit is an examination of life around a rich symbol of home: the dinner table, also good for breakfast, lunch and snacks. The oil paintings celebrate the informality, the closeness, the liveliness that often accompany intimate food-driven gatherings, especially the ones where there’s a bottle or two of red or white on the table. Capturing candlelit scenes in textured brushstrokes and warm tones, Bruckmann says, “I just like the feeling of everyone getting together and talking. It’s a nice way to get to know people...” Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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