65 Artists Contemplate What They’ve ​“Lost And Found” In KLG Exhibition

July 7, 2022, by Brian Slattery- "Susan Clinard’s sculptures are an exercise in extreme empathy, even as Missing the Mark represents something more complex as well. It’s hard not to feel the pull of judgment in the juxtaposition of the crying face of the baby, who just needs some attention, with the blank faces of everyone else, staring at their screens. But in a broader sense, they’re all victims, of a specific mode of modernity we’re told we want. Clinard’s pieces forces us to look at ourselves, too. Are you reading these words on your phone right now? What are you missing around you? “The fundamental question this sculpture installation asks us is, what have we lost?” Clinard writes. ​“We have become overly dependent and addicted to screens. Ironically, we seek connection using social media platforms but instead we’ve become more disconnected, isolated and absent to ourselves and those around us. The theme of lost and found fits this sculpture well as it asks the viewer to find the solution to the many connections we have lost along the way.” Missing the Mark is Clinard’s contribution to ​“Lost/Found,” an exhibit of over 65 artists’ works running now at Kehler Liddell Gallery in Westville through July 31. ​“For this year’s juried show, the artists at KLG asked their colleagues to consider the following: Let’s just say there’s a vast shelf somewhere, lined with lost and found boxes, one for each person in the world,” the jurors write in an accompanying statement. ​“What would be in yours? What have you memorably lost in your life, and what have you found? Share what you’ve lost and found with us, in the box or outside of it. Please lose your inhibitions and interpret as you will....” Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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