“Goatscaping” Takes On Edgewood Park

May 14, 2018, by Adia Sakura-Lemessy- "It’s not the new chain-link fence that stands out in Edgewood Park, but the unmistakable smell of a farm—and the five furry, plant-chomping visitors who are bringing it in as they beautify the area. Those visitors are goats, brought into the park to munch their way through recent overgrowth. On Saturday, the first group—Cinnamon, Brooklyn, Sunday, Casanova and Iris—arrived for their inaugural graze. For the next two years, five of them  will be spending their summers in a two-and-a-half acre enclosure in the park, eating invasive plants and fertilizing the soil. To avoid escape, they are closed in by a fence that went in earlier this month. The program is an initiative of Friends of Edgewood Park and New York-based Green Goats, a company in Rhinebeck that specializes in eco-friendly “goatscaping,” or deliberate landscaping where furry, four-hoofed friends eat away excess and invasive greenery. The project was born over a year ago, when Friends of Edgewood Park first realized that the exotic flora were taking over sections of the park..."

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