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July 8, 2021, by Natalie Kainz- "Sending the aroma of essential oils, flowers, and bath products out into the surrounded Westville neighborhood, Alisha Crutchfield-McLean officially opened the doors to her new store BLOOM on Thursday. The lifestyle boutique, marketplace and community center at 794 Edgewood Ave. celebrated its opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by 50 city and state officials, staff, and Westville residents. The community gathered to sample an array of health products, get to know one another, and ponder the role of BLOOM in their city.“It’s so wonderful that people are coming up and introducing themselves,” said BLOOM creative director Peter Berta. “They’re getting to know each other and that’s exactly what this space is all about.” Small business owners and artisans like Kiah Smith, who will sell their products at BLOOM, offered demonstrations at the ceremony. Smith is the owner of Smith-Made Essentials, which makes vegan, sustainable, handmade candles and soap. (Click here for a recent story on the evolution of the store.)" 

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