Where else but Manjares to enjoy a sublime breakfast experience, an American style breakfast spruced up with Yuca, Arepa and Mang%C3%BA sides, chased by a mimosa with bubbly Spanish cava. . . From omelettes and pancakes, to delicious European style pastries and the most robust cup of coffee in town, the Manjares folks get you going. Later on (in the week, in the day), we mellow you out with classic Spanish Tapas, a touch of Caribbean fusion, and delectable vegetarian alternates made with local produce and the best organic ingredients. All is well that washes down well, and our attentive selection of contemporary Spanish wines alerts the palate, anticipating a dessert that is just so . . . Manjares. An espresso or a fine Amontillado, and you're ready to talk, we love to listen.  Follow us on Facebook


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