Wisdom Bids Ninth Square Goodbye

"On Friday afternoon, a New Haven fashionista will raise a glass to five years at his Orange Street shop—then close the doors to his Ninth Square outpost for a final time. He’s in search of a better work-life balance, and thinks he might find it by spending more time in Westville. That’s the story for Neville Wisdom, a surgical tech-turned designer who has decided to close his 63 Orange St. location as many neighboring businesses move away, or come under new ownership. On Friday, he will hold a goodbye party at the shop, and then move all of his operations to 903 Whalley Ave., while keeping his eyes peeled for a possible new location. Wisdom at an Orange Street fashion show in fall 2015. Wisdom at an Orange Street fashion show in fall 2015. “Orange Street is very dear to us,” he said in an interview last week, sun bending around a cluster of painted mannequins in the shop’s windows. “It has so many great memories and it’s done so many awesome things. But I don’t think that leaving this store is going to impact that...”

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