July 19, 2015, The New Haven Independent, by David Sepulveda - “Forbidden Fruit” is now dangling from the upper reaches of a mature honey locust tree in the center of Westville’s fashion and arts district.  A large yellow serpent, complete with forked tongue and hypnotic eyes, is up there too. The burst of color and texture wrapping the tree — which one observer compared to “Christmas in July” — is the latest and most monumental piece of yarn bombing to appear in Westville Village, and the largest created to date, by artist Lisa Hanscom of Houston, Tex. The yarn bombing took place Friday. It started at 7:30 a.m. and ended at 3 p.m., attracting serious rubber-necking as well as honking on Whalley. The installation brought together members of Lisa’s family: husband Roy, who is exhibiting his ceramic art pottery and sculpture at the nearby DaSilva Gallery, and son Luke, a designer and photographer who lives in Westville and whose collaborations with wife Mistina Hanscom, both of Lotta Studio, have been widely exhibited in the city..."

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