Westville “New Urbanist” Vision Advances

April 2, 2018, by Thomas Breen- "City planners voted unanimously to approve the creation of a new zoning district for Westville Village that they hope will serve as a model for how to use zoning regulations to encourage dense, diverse, mixed-use economic development throughout the city. During the most recent regular monthly meeting of the City Plan Commission on the second floor of City Hall, the commissioners gave the thumbs up to a proposed zoning ordinance text amendment seeking to establish a new Village Center Mixed Use (BA-2) zone. The proposal also updates the city’s zoning map to move Westville Village from a General Business (BA) zone to the new BA-2 zone. The proposed zoning amendment will now be sent to the full Board of Alders for discussion and a vote before any changes to the zoning ordinance can be made..."

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