Village gets Java, Artists Infusion

March 7, 2016, by David Sepulveda -"Westville’s reputation as an emerging arts district and destination has taken a step forward with the introduction of West River Arts, a new cluster of art studios and sister project of The Range at Lotta Studios. The Range at Lotta Studios is a multi-function, adaptable facility; a creative co-working space in the heart of Westville Village with photo and gallery quality, digital printing studio, retail shop and meeting room. It was opened last year by photographers Luke and Mistina Hanscom at 911 Whalley Ave. Add to that operation the new upstairs West River Arts. West River Arts features some of the area’s fine artists, jewelry designers, artisans, architect-artists, and product designers. Independent clothing designer Neville Wisdom opened a boutique and manufacturing business in the same building last year, adding to the commercial revitalization that has taken hold amid a flurry of new businesses in the Village’s West end. The list of West River Artists and tenants includes: Eric Epstein, Noe Jimenez, Luke Hanscom, Susan McCaslin, Caryn Azoff, Don Wunderlee, Rob Roy, Howard El Yasin, Kate Stephens, Sarah Bratchell, Roy Hanscom, Mistina Hanscom, George Moore, Kieren Coleman, JoAnne Wilcox, Mohamad Hafez, Travis Carbonella, Johnathon Henninger, Violet Harlow, Chris Ferguson, and Semi Semi-Dikoko..." 

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