July 4, 2016, by Jason C. Diaz - Designing your own clothing can come naturally, when the trade is picked up due to necessity. Neville Wisdom was raised in Windsor Castle, an area of Saint Mary, Jamaica. Wisdom describes his family as having been “poor” when he was young but uses the word only for lack of a better term, because he says from his perspective, “I was fortunate to grow up in the way that I did, because all of what one would consider ‘bad,’ are actually the very things that have kept me so motivated,” Wisdom said. Wisdom says all eight of his siblings were creative in their fields of interest. “Even for the side of my family that was very academic, they were still very creative in their academics,” Wisdom said. Wisdom’s eye for creative design and layout began early, seeing his mother changing the layout of the house that he grew up in, saying she did it very often almost once a month. “I was very interested in the visual of the house. I would always move around and change the layout of rooms with my mother,” he said. Wisdom said he was 14 when he developed an interest in clothing design. Dressing became very important to how he looked as an individual.
“We had a limited cash flow and sometimes resources as a family growing up, but we did have an abundance of the outdoors, which gave us such an incredible appetite for the unknown,” he said. Wisdom adds that even with all these factors, he first picked up a needle and thread due to necessity, saying, “I didn’t have a pair of pants so I figured the best way to solve that was to, make a pair of pants. Once I learned to sew, the necessity became passion quickly.” Wisdom spent a lot of time with his mother and gives her credit for teaching him sewing techniques when he was first starting out..." Click HERE to comment and read full article.

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