June 24, 2016, By Allan Appel- "It may be a haunted glade in a liminal forest. It may be the patterns of the universe. It may be the Grim Reaper and friends doing the hokey pokey, or the gossamer traces of a coven of witches. Or an old folks’ home for decaying lumps of cotton candy or wasps’ nest. Or it may be just what it is — artistically arranged soaked, cooked, and stretched fibers of the Thai kozo or mulberry tree. Whatever it is, Meg Bloom is not about to tell you Artist's Photo ARTIST'S PHOTO The artist’s refusal to be pegged down to any single interpretation was on charming display during a brief tour of “What Remains,” the sculptor/mixed media artist’s newest work, an installation currently on view at City Gallery on Upper State Street. In the show, which closes Sunday, Bloom has taken Thai kozo fiber, provided by the Thai version of a mulberry tree and soaked and cooked the fibers. But instead of turning the mush into paper, which she has done previously, she’s plucked them, stretched them, and linked the pieces, in some instances tying one to another to create a kind of evocative glade..." 

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