July 21, 2016, by David Sepulveda- "Design Monsters’ George Corsillo, a self-described “font freak,” has earned a book jacket design credit for“YUGE!” (30 Years of Doonesbury on Trump), a timely new anthology by nationally syndicated Doonesburycartoon creator and Pulitzer Prize winner Garry Trudeau. Corsillo and his wife Susan McCaslin are partners at Design Monsters, a graphic design studio located in New Haven’s Westville neighborhood. Corsillo has been colorizing Trudeau’s long-running Doonesbury Sunday strip since 2001. He has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with Trudeau beginning in 1986, resulting in the design of numerous books, posters, toys, and collectibles for a variety of charitable causes, most notably local literacy education programs created with the sponsoring Starbucks Corporation. “I do the hair and people first” explained Corsillo, describing the process of completing the Sunday Doonesbury strip after Trudeau has drawn the panels, and after the inker, Todd Pound, has completed the line work. Corsillo receives a computer file with the black and white line drawings that he transforms with color, breathing life into the characters and backgrounds with gradients, tonalities, patterns, and posterization effects - just some of the Photoshop software tools that have revolutionized cartooning and the graphics industry in general..

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