A History Reclaimed, One Queen At A Time

September 15, By Lucy Gellman- "Just to the right of a stripper pole, Madison Sapphire Duchannes is killing it. In one hand, she grips the microphone tightly, lifting it to her mouth as she flutters her blue-powdered eyes and long, mascaraed lashes. The mic casts its bulbous shadow on her outfit — red bra, red and black bustier, red panties, everything hugging minuscule, angular curves. She drags her right hand through her hair, pulling off a long blonde wig. Sweat rolls down her scalp, blush-kissed cheekbones, forehead. The picture is part of #NHVDrag, a new, limited-run book of photography and poetry by artist Daniel Eugene and his imprint Studio Feruvius. Chronicling the drag scene at Partners Cafe on York Street, the book premieres this Saturday at New Haven’s annual PRIDE Block Party on Orange Street."

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