Graffiti to Gallery, Reo Rocks Every Outline

June 4, 2015, by David Sepulveda - "It was in the abandoned factories where the graffiti artist known as REO frequently went to ply his aerosol craft, and where he first encountered many of the found objects and elements that now comprise “Another Man’s Trash." That’s the title of REO’s debut, solo exhibit at Westville’s Keys on Kites Tattoo and Gallery at 869 Whalley Ave. REO’s graffiti pseudonym was given to him by his cousin and mentor, Seme, who early on recognized REO’s exceptional talent. The acronym stands for Rocking Every Outline. Within graffiti circles, REO, now 36, is known as the founder and leader of Hi Crew, a respected group of graffiti artists “writing” throughout Greater New Haven, parts of Connecticut, and far beyond. Daze, the New York–based international graffiti legend who emerged from the underground decades ago and who recently completed an artist’s residency at Yale, cited Hi Crew’s writing as among the best work he had seen while visiting the Elm City..."

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