September 9, 2015- "A day before parents and their 32 nursery school children embark on a new chapter in the life of Westville Community Nursery School (WCNS) at their new Tour Avenue location in Westville Village, school staff Tuesday held a brief ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the remarkable transformation of the former Owl’s Nest Cafe into their new home, complete with a new playground. WCNS teacher Jaime Kane laid out auspicious appliqué crafted words— Love, Build, Explore, Move, Grow—as final preparations were underway to welcome students after a year of challenges and construction. The school, previously located in a church on Harrison Street, had lost its lease after 43 years as a Westville neighborhood institution. Notice by the church landlord to reclaim its space and not renew WCNS’s lease prompted a desperate seach for a new location that would meet the school’s needs. After looking at over 50 potential sites, the school’s board of directors was about to sign a lease on a less desirable location when word came through of the Tour Street location, a longtime bar. “As soon as we walked into the building, we couldn’t contain our excitement,” said the school’s director, Patty O’Hanlon. “We’re really glad that we found this spot and were able to stay in Westville with everything we wanted — and it’s ours.” Hanlon said she is thrilled that the school will open on time and can’t wait for parents and students who missed the recent open house, to see their new space..."

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David Sepulveda