September 3, 2015- You don't have to get naked for it to work. State-of-the art textile clothing technology, with complete body scanners that take measurements and dimensions in virtual fitting rooms, are set to revolutionize the fashion industry and its manufacturing component, according to New Haven fashion maven Neville Wisdom, who will unveil his latest fashions Friday.The in-demand designer will be showcasing his own technology-assisted designs at his fall-winter 2015 runway show as part of a broad slate of events scheduled for the On9 First Friday series in New Haven’s Ninth Square. Wisdom has not acquired that full-body scanning technology — yet — but new CAD (computer-aided design) 3-D virtual technologies and a new high-tech cutting machine have revolutionized his approach to manufacturing. Though the shop still offers full custom design service, Neville said that the new technology and equipment facilitate 98 percent of onsite manufacturing and design, with final custom adjustments that ensure no one leaves the showroom without the proper fit...

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David Sepulveda