September 8, 2016, by Markeshia Ricks- "Imagine downtown drivers pulling into parking garages instead of first circling the block looking for spots. Imagine that inside these garages parkers also pick up locally grown fruits and vegetables or read poetry on the walls. These were just a few of the ideas that flowed along with the beer at BAR Tuesday evening during a Go New Haven Go "Transportation on Tap" event where a panel talked about ways to reimagine the most ubiquitous of public spaces-the parking space. Pickett. The talk, which was moderated by Urban Resource Initiative's Anna Pickett, comes just as Go New Haven Go prepares for the upcoming PARK[ing] Day celebration, which encourages the use of traditional parking spaces for something more than just cars can enjoy. PARK[ing] Day is Sept. 16; the celebration begins on the week leading up to the day. Former New Haven transit chief Jim Travers - who pioneered the use of street parking spaces in New Haven for outdoor dining tables - helped kick off Tuesday night's discussion by addressing a practical matter about parking structures in the city: They cost so much to park in that people are almost encouraged to fight for parking on the street. He said that's a bit backwards..." 

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