July 13, 2021, by Natalie Kainz-  "Any way you slice it, the competition was fierce Monday at Westville’s annual “Hi-Fi” pie-baking contest outside Mitchell Library. The youngest competitor, 12-year-old Vivian Balazs faced up against a returning champion’s mixed-berry pie, her brother’s ombre berry delight, and six other delectable creations. In the end, Balazs’ “Blackberry Pie with a Lattice top” took the winning prize - a $50 gift card to the Devil’s Diet dessert bar. Monday evening’s berry pie-baking competition was a part of the eighth annual Hi-Fi Pie Fest, which began in 2012 with the goal of uniting the Westville community through sweet treats and music. Typically, people would gather on the Great Lawn outside Mitchell Branch Library to listen to live music and share slices of pie. Although a planned performance by Rebecca Hart and the Wrong Band was canceled on Monday due to a thunderstorm warning, the pie portion went on as planned..." 

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