Community is at the heart of everything that takes place at WCNS.  The school is dedicated to serving not just students, but their families as well.  

Many activities occur during the school year offering a wide variety of opportunities for families to support the school, each other and the greater community. The school sponsors many events to foster new relationships among families and staff.

Families are an integral part of WCNS. WCNS welcomes families in the classroom and values the talents, interests and resources that families and friends have to share: whether to read a story to a small group of children, cook with the children, teach yoga, share a custom or tradition, or play a musical instrument. 

WCNS has a working Board of Directors that is made up  of current and alumni families. All families are asked to be a partner in their child’s education by participating in the program.

We are a network of teachers, students and families committed to quality preschool education and to the larger New Haven community.  

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